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"...of all the decisions an executive makes, none are as important as the decisions about people, because they determine the performance capacity of the world..."              Peter Drucker



Who Are Our Clients?

When management and health care provider positions need to be filled due to turnover or growth, there must be an established plan and process in place that can deliver quality results quickly.  

Long Term Careers Recruiting, Inc. maintains an ongoing relationship with thousands of experienced candidates in the various disciplines of health care.  Each candidate is screened and interviewed before they are submitted for your job openings to make certain that their experience and expertise match your needs. 

Our clients realize the savings to their operations in both time and money and continuity of quality management and health care services during times of transition.  

Our clients form a long term strategic alliance with our  organization.  They understand the better we know their company mission, management styles and key players, the better we are able to recruit managers and health care providers that fit their corporate visions. 

Our Recruiting Specialists take pride in our role of helping you shape the future of your organization through the recruitment of the best in the business. 

Our recruiting service agreements are customized for your needs.   Preference is given to companies that seek to retain our services exclusively.  Our fees are highly competitive and we offer a generous refund policy with every search..  

The satisfaction of our clients is our main concern.  Our services may include but are not limited to:


Evaluation of your staffing needs. 


Salary and benefits review and comparison.


Active sourcing, recruitment and screening of the highest quality candidates with a sincere interest in your opening.


Coordination and scheduling of interview times and locations.


Verification of candidate references.


License status verification.


Interim placement services.


Follow-up with candidates not selected for the position.

There are no fees for our contingency services until after we find the perfect candidate! 

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